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General Beta Program Security


How does FlowSense© integrate with my current system?

FlowSense© integrates very easily to most systems. It can integrate directely on your system database or it can use an audit API

What standard does it support?

It supports all type of databases and audit trial APIs that are conform to the ATNA profile or to your national or local norm.

What if my audit trail is not mentioned in the supported standards?

FlowSense© can be integrated with any type of database.

How effective is it compared to manual audit?

FlowSense© can reach an effectiveness that is almost not reachable manually.

How effective is it compared to randomized audit?

FlowSense© decrease of 99% de risk that you will miss an access abuse compared to randomized audits.

Is it expensive?

Your institution car begin to use FlowSense© for a price as low as 5000 € per year.

How does it work?

FlowSense© needs to be configured to fulfill your needs and is than fully automatic. Your security manager will receive a notification each time that suspicious activity is detected.

Does the addition of flowsense make my institution compliant?

It depends where you operate. Logs auditing is mandatory in certain case such as in Belgium. The addition of Flowsense in the process is certainly the greatest step to compliance since we are constantly auditing all of your logs.

Why does FlowSense© need continuous upgrades?

Because we are training our models on a daily base. You profit on the collective intelligence of other institutions.

Does my data live alongside other institution’s data?

No every single flowsense instance is strictly siloed.

Does flowsense work on anonymized data?

Yes and we encourage you to send us anonymized data streams.

Is it cheaper that manual audit?

It can scan your whole company logs for less that the overall price of 1 human auditor.

Does it alleviate the need for punctual/manual audit?

No we advise your institution to create a culture of log scrutiny for specific, un-surfacable pattern (example VIP).

How do I get notified?

It can be as simple as email notification. All other communication channels are also possible (text messages, Jira, …)

Are there different levels of notifications?

Yes! And you can decide to surface more alerts if you are comfortable with handling more notifications. It is entirely up to you.

What connectors does Flowsense© implement?

Natively flowsense can analyse data through : SQL KHMER ANTA profile IHE SOAP/REST (see Custom page)

Why the silly name?

We will change soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thomas C. is working on it

Are there any jobs openings?

We are always looking for talented persons. Please feel free to send us your resumé.

Can you monitor my web/file/whatever server logs?

No. At this moment our solution is tailored for medical records. We train our model only to surface patterns for medical records abuses.

What can security managers do now that they could not before?

Managers will immediately have access to information about accesses with a higher risk of abuse. Without FlowSense, in some cases it is almost impossible to gather that information. Only an automatic and intelligent system can reach it.

What kind of access Flowsense© detect?

Flowsense detection is determined by the client. At least, it should be able to detect information access by users that are not suppose to. Additionally, it could detect some unusual access of information, that can be right but not optimized.

What does Flowsense© do with my data?

Flowsense is never going to save or share your data. Depending on your infrastructure, Flowsense could be hosted on your intranet without any connection outside of it.

How do I interface with Flowsense©?

Flowsense© comes with an admin panel that will allow you to configure this tool and analyse your data. Additional tools are available such as export functionalities or statistical reporting.

Does Flowsense© offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Different levels of SLA are proposed (Diamond, Platine and Gold) with different responding times (24/7, 9-17/7 and 9-17/5).

How reliable is Flowsense© (SLA)?

We guarantee a system reliability of 98% yearly.

︙Beta Program

What is the current status of the project?

The first beta version is ready and can be tested.

Who can join the beta program?

All organisation owning a Electronic Health Record (EHR) system in the healthcare sector can join.

What is the price of Flowsense?

At the moment Flowsense is free of charge.


Is FlowSense© secure?

FlowSense© is very secure. The security of the system is continually challenged. Different type of setups are possible, it can for example run in you infrastructure and be totally managed by the client, or it can run from a server in SAAS mode.

I cannot use external systems do you provide on-premises services?

Yes. Firewalled instance can be deployed. Upgrade and maintenance are up to you but we are always here to help.

Join the beta

We are still fine-tuning our system and not willing to have our users pay for the service. Feel free to try the system. We are confident it will be benifical. And while in beta the system is FREE.